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"I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Parks and her team. She has treated all of my children and always goes above and beyond to make my children feel comfortable. Her expertise is unmatched and her staff is warm and caring." - Valeigh

"Dr. Parks has provided orthodontic care for 2 of my children and myself. I still have one child under her care at the present time. Her sense of professionalism and level of care is unparalleled in her field of practice. She is extremely knowledgeable and has a knack for keeping up with the latest technology in her field and using it in her day-to-day practice. I highly recommend Dr. Parks and will be entrusting her care again with my youngest child in the very near future." - Felix-Haylee

"Dr. Parks has been absolutely amazing with both of my sons. My younger son’s situation was not a common, easy fix, but she has made us feel 100% confident in her ability to correct his problem. We are excited about the fantastic results we are seeing." - Zoe

"Dr. Laurie Parks has been taking care of my family's orthodontic needs for several years. All four of my children are ages 13 to 25. Their smiles look AMAZING!! We are following her where ever she goes. I know there are a lot of orthos to choose from. Anyone can message me with questions, I'm more than happy to talk. Love her work!!" - Brenda

"Dr. Parks is professional and serious about helping her patients.  And always understanding." - Eileen